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The Award-Winning Documentary Film

Tough Love


What I desire for my legacy to be is , "that my children succeed!"  If that means I have to be the sacrifice made to see they have all they need- is my legacy.  As a parent, I have seen first hand the positive impact it has on a child when your actions match your words- showing you believe in and support who they are, their journey- their becoming. 

#Believe- it is more than a word. Its a movement aimed at inspiring parents and children alike to believe better is possible enough to go after it and not settle!

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The Tough Love Show

This project was made to INSPIRE! We believe that by sharing our journey through the ups, downs, and ups again of life, we will break the curse that's plaguing father/son relationships in the world. Our story is 100% true! It shows you how our very normal relationship caught the world's attention and became the #1 Trending Topic! The 'Tough Love Show" is a roller coaster of emotion! It answers what happened next after the world asked 'who is Thomas'. We are preparing to use this Launch as a vehicle to propel us into living rooms across America. Our purpose is to offer a new kind of content that will create monumental change in the family, community, and nation! Please watch, learn and change how you understand and also communicate with each other in Love. Thank you in advance for your consideration & support. Finally please remember, never be afraid to use Tough Love!

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